Marine Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Marine Safety Equipment?

Marine safety equipment is the tools essential for maintaining the safety of the passenger and cargo vessels.

They are also important to maintaining the safety of yachting and shipping boats.

What is the Required Marine Safety Equipment Certification?

You need to get the following certifications to ensure that your marine vessels have safety equipment:

Grand Ocean Marine Supplies which Marine Safety Equipment?

Grand Ocean marine supplies the following safety equipment:

Grand ocean marine safety equipment

 Grand ocean marine safety equipment

  • Personnel Transfer Baskets which provides offshore transfer of personnel from ships and oil rigs
  • Life Jackets such as SOLAS life jacket, three-piece PVC foam life jacket, inflatable, marine, and neoprene vests.
  • Life float and Lifebuoys to provide additional floatation in the event of an offshore accident.
  • Basket Stretcher with special slings that assist in securing a patient before airlifting from the offshore vessels.
  • Immersion suits which will protect you against hypothermia in cold water.

It consists of the watertight hood, waterproof zippers, reflective tapes, whistle, neoprene gloves, and pockets.

  • Inflatable life raft such as throw overboard, davit launch, self-righting, open reversible and yacht life raft types.

What is Personnel Transfer Basket?

A personal transfer basket is a type of safety equipment vessel for the ship to ship or marine offshore transfer of people.

It increases the safety of the people as they move from one vessel to the next through lifting using a crane.

Personnel transfer basket

Personnel transfer basket

Are there Standards Specifications for Personnel Transfer Basket?

Personnel transfer basket must have the following specifications:

  • A frame of netted ropes or metals and two platform rings at the top and at the bottom.
  • Lifting ring for attaching the basket to the lifting crane

What is Inflatable Life Raft?

 Inflatable Life Raft

Inflatable life raft

An inflatable life raft is a buoyant lightweight platform that has the structure and likeness of a boat.

You will find it in water vessels such as ships and yachts for evacuating the people on board in case of an accident.

How do Inflatable Life Raft Work?

Basically an inflatable life raft will drift the crew on board for as long as possible until help arrives.

While onboard, the inflatable life rafts are often smaller and folded without air inside.

You can easily locate it at the aft of the ship, starboard or any other easy to reach location.

In case of an emergency, you will inflate them before lowering it to the sea with people on board.

It often comes with insulation and canopy which protects the people from the cold, wind, sun and water waves.

What is the Use of Inflatable Life Raft?

An inflatable life raft helps in keeping people afloat on the water bed in case of an emergency at sea until help arrives.

It keeps the passengers out of the water after abandoning ship thus increasing their survival chances and eventually save lives.

This is the reason why you can refer to it as a life raft.

How many types of Inflatable Life Raft are there?

There are five main types of inflatable life rafts which include:

· Throw Overboard Life Raft

You can launch it by throwing it over from a ship while others fall freely.

After that, you can pull the painter to instantly inflate the life raft after which passengers can climb on.

It also has a hydrostatic release which prevents it from sinking with the ship.

High pressure forces it to detach from the sinking boat as the painter unlocks to inflate and float the raft.

· Davit Launch Life Raft

This type has a special launching davit device and a lifting hook to mechanically transfer the raft to the sea.

You will have to inflate it onboard before pulling a winch that will lower the raft onto the water.

· Self-Righting Life Raft

This type of raft will turn over in case it lands in an upside down position on the water without any help.

It reduces the time that an individual spends in water in case of an emergency.

· Open Reversible Life Raft

It is circular in shape with twin buoyancy tubes on either side which makes it operational regardless of landing side.

You do not have to worry about overturning the raft as both sides of the raft are equally functional.

· Leisure Life Raft

This is compact inflatable life raft with less weight for a passenger on smaller ships taking recreational activities.

Life Jackets are Used for Which Purpose?

Life jacket

Life jacket

Life jackets are used for:

  • Protecting an individual from hypothermia in case of a long exposure floating on cold water.
  • Aid in rescue efforts since they are bright in color thus increasing visibility.
  • It minimizes injury to a passenger in case of a free fall as it absorbs part of the impact force.
  • It provides enough time to adjust to the shock in case of an emergency that many people rarely expect to occur.

What is the Difference between Life Jackets and PFD?

Life jackets have special designs that turn anybody even in an unconscious state to face upwards for easy breathing.

A personal floatation device (PFD) will keep a conscious person afloat in calm conditions.

Life jackets have increased buoyancy in comparison to the personal floatation device.

It has the floatation material on the front while the PFD has the floatation material on the back.

This gives them more room to be less bulky and increase comfort for easier movement than a life jacket.

Life jackets usually have bright colors in yellow or red and whistle to increase the chances of locating survivors.

PFDs have varying colors depending on the owner’s preference.

Life jackets are good for kids learning to swim as it increases the chance of survival.

PFDs are good for recreational and leisure activities which do not pose so much danger.

What are the Different Types of Life Jackets?

The different types of life jackets include:

  • Type I: Offshore Life Jackets
  • Type II: Near-Shore Vests
  • Type III: Floatation Aids
  • Type IV: Throwable Devices
  • Type V: Special Use Devices

What is Immersion Suit?

Immersion suit

Immersion suit

It is a dry waterproof suit that protects you from hypothermia in case of immersion in cold water in the open ocean.

How does Grand Ocean Marine Test Immersion Suit?

Grand ocean marine periodically tests immersion suits through the following the MSC/Circ.114 testing rule.

To test suit deterioration, you should fill it with air to test the closures and seams.

Prepare a solution of soapy water before placing the suit on the soap water solution.

In the case of leakages, you will see an air bubble that will indicate the presence of a hole.

What is the Purpose of Immersion Suit?

The main purposes of an immersion suit include:

  • An immersion suit keeps you afloat in cold water as you await rescue.
  • It has bright colors such as yellow and red that will increase your visibility at sea.
  • Protects you from hypothermia in case you are in cold seawater.
  • It is waterproof and keeps you dry throughout the encounter at sea.

Are There Different Classes of Immersion Suit?

Yes, there are three different classes of immersion suits which include:

  • Fisherman immersion suits which you have to put on continuously in case you are fishing in the cold deep-sea waters.

It keeps you continuously insulated and warm at all times.

  • Rescue immersion suits on boats, ships, yachts, and oil rigs for emergency purposes.
  • Inflatable immersion suit which does not cover the whole body and keeps you afloat in an emergency.

What is a Life Buoy?

A lifebuoy or ring buoy is buoyant support like a belt that will keep you afloat in water.

Life buoy

 Life buoy

Does Life Float and Life Buoy Mean the Same Marine Safety Equipment?

No, life float and lifebuoy mean totally different things among the marine safety equipment.

A life float can either have wooden or metal materials while lifebuoys are often plastic or rubber.

One life float can accommodate a number of survivors in comparison to a lifebuoy that accommodates one survivor.

How do Life Buoys Work?

In case of an emergency at sea, rescuers will throw a lifebuoy at you in your location.

In case you miss it, most of them are bright in color to enhance visibility.

Apart from that, modern lifebuoys have light extensions that will assist you in locating the lifebuoy.

It has an extension that rescuers use to pull you on board once you secure the lifebuoy.

 What is a Basket Stretcher?

A basket stretcher is a device that you can use to comfortable evacuate an individual who is unable to move.

 Basket stretcher

Basket stretcher

How do You Use Basket Stretcher?

You can use a basket stretcher to carry an unconscious person with serious injuries.

It comes complete with straps that you can use to secure the patient to prevent them from moving or falling.

It also has an allowance that you can hook on to a rope before airlifting the patient to safety.

In case of an offshore emergency, the helicopter lowers and lifts the basket stretcher while it is in the air.

Are there Additional Marine Safety Equipment Grand Ocean Marine Offers?

Yes, there are additional marine safety equipment Grand Ocean Marine Offers such as fire extinguishers.

You can get in touch with Grand Ocean Marine or check our product list.

How does Grand Ocean Marine Control Quality of Marine Safety Equipment?

Grand Ocean Marine controls the quality of marine safety equipment by:

  • It has its own quality manufacturing standards which they follow to ensure the quality of the equipment.
  • It follows the international standards for the quality of the marine safety equipment.


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