Coast Guard Equipment – Coast Guard Flotation Devices

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Boating Safety Equipment Requirements are based on Boat Sizes up to 65 feet.

The Coast Guard has certain boating safety requirements for recreational boats. While the boating safety laws are essentially the same for each size category of boats, some differ.

Safety Essentials for any Boat include

Personal Floatation Device: One type of Coast Guard approved life jacket must be on board for each person on the boat.

Visual Distress Signal: One electric distress light or three combination (day/night) red flares when operating between sunset and sunrise.

Fire Extinguisher: One Marine Type USCG B-I fire extinguisher if your boat has an inboard engine, enclosed compartments where fuel or flammable and combustible materials are store, closed living spaces, or permanently installed fuel tanks.

Sound Producing Device: A sufficient way to make a sound signal, like a whistle or an air horn, but not a human produced noise.


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