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RC Boats on sale now. Spend more time outdoors with our new RC boats. We offer full size and miniature remote control (RC) boats so you can have fun in the sun. Why not enjoy your days in the pool with a mini RC boat? Or head off to a larger body of water and try out our super fast full size remote control racing boats! Each RC boat comes fully assembled with remote control. These remote control boats make great gifts for people of all ages. When deciding on an RC boat, the first step is to pick your area of interest. From vintage racers, modern sport boats and cutting-edge hydros to scale tugs, warships and fishing boats, to sailboats and pleasure yachts, almost any type of craft can be made as an RC boat. The type of boat you choose and the function you want it to perform will determine what you need. Remote control boat kits are available in various materials and in all stages of completion, from raw plans to complete ready-to-run (RTR) boats. For beginners, RTR kits are a good starting point. The hulls are formed plastic (usually white) and don’t require painting. RTR boats tend to be sport boats rather than racers and emphasize simplicity and reliability over all-out speed or meticulous scale detail. The idea behind these designs is to make things easy for beginners: just drop them in the water and enjoy! Powerboats of various types make up the majority of RC boats. This group can be divided into two classes: sport boats and racers. Sport boats are designed first and foremost o be fun. Performance is certainly important, but not at the expense of operator enjoyment. Likewise, many sport boats have scale-like features, but authenticity takes a back seat to function. Sport boats are probably the best choice for inexperienced modelers, because they are designed with an eye toward easy and reliable operation with a healthy dose of speed mixed in. Racing boats are more uncompromising and, therefore, more temperamental. The priority in a RC boat racer is performance; appearance and ease of operation are secondary. These boats are the fastest, but they are also the most high-maintenance and the most demanding to drive. Regardless of the type of RC boat you choose, it doesn’t hurt to have some basic tools and supplies. RTR kits may not initially require these things, but if you build your remote control boat, they are essential. It never hurts to be prepared, even with an RTR boat, so plan to stock your toolbox with the following items such as a hobby knife, allen wrenches and ball drivers (SAE and metric), small screwdrivers (Phillips and standard), pliers, adjustable wrench, thread-locking compound, and 15 minute epoxy.


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