“Aquatic Technology, Marine and reef aquarium supplies, live rock, metal halide, fluorescent, vho and LED lighting, Cleveland, Ohio

We are located in Columbia Station, Ohio, South of Cleveland,  and North Olmsted and West of Strongsville. 
At Aquatic Technology we strive to provide the best possible service, marine live stock, aquarium supplies  and marine and reef aquarium supplies and marine aquarium maintenance at the best possible price. We provide free and expert advice. We don’t try to push unnecessary, high profit items just to make a profit. We carry all the necessary additives and supplies for your reef and saltwater tank. Our additives are prepared from reagent grade chemicals, not technical grade, like most of our competition. We carry only corals, inverts, live rock, and marine fish that we believe will survive in your reef tanks.  

We provide both fully cured and fresh Pohnpei, Fiji, Tonga, Alor and Haiti  live rock from around the world at competitive prices.

We sell protein skimmers from Red Sea , MTC (Marine Technical Concepts), CPR, Eshopps, and ETSS.

We carry test kits from Salifert and Red Sea.

We carry calcium reactors and CO2 equipment from Red Sea, Aqua Medic,  MTC, and Milwaukee Instruments

We sell aquarium chillers.

We carry LED, metal halide, VHO, and compact fluorescent lighting systems by Ecotech Marine, Hamilton Technology, Coral Life, and Aqua Medic. 


Check out our pump page for discounted aquarium and pond pumps from  Eugene Danner Mfg. Inc, Supreme Pondmaster,  Rio, Taam, Via Aqua, & more.

 We carry a huge selection of discounted aquarium supplies including LED, metal halide, VHO, compact fluorescent, T5 and fluorescent  light bulbs from URI, Ultraviolet Resources International, Hamilton Technology, Radium, Ushio, & ALS in 6500K, 10,000K, 12,000K,  20000K temperature ratings.  We carry power compact bulbs in most sizes and in both straight pin, German, and square pin, Japanese configurations.

We can obtain various sharks such as sharp nose, bonnet heads, leopards, smooth hounds, white tip and black tip sharks for patrons with very large tanks


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