Kato NSR-K800 Receiver, Decoder & Display


Kato NSR-K800 Receiver, Decoder & Display



  • match with GPS buoy.
  • excellent confidentiality, to avoid interference with the risk of theft.
  • simple operation, stable and durable.
  • built-in backlit LCD display, record buoy’ s information.
  • two machine in one (combined with received machine and Decoder), can remember the position of 100 buoys.



Frequency 1900~3200KHZ
Display 240×128 LCD Display with backlight
Input power DC 12V
Memory 100 buoys
Dimensions (MM) 295(D)X 280(W)X 155(H)

The signal from GPS buoy will be received by NSR-K800, following data will be showed on its screen :

  • Buoy’s ID
  • Buoy Position (Latitude and Longitude)
  • Water Temperature
  • Remaining Battery Voltage
  • GMT Time

NSR-K800 can be connected with PC or laptop which built-in Kato Buoy Management Software. This soft can calculate and show buoy’s data on monitor.


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