Kato Satellite buoy [standard / fishing type] (KT-690S, KT-690SF, KT-800D)

The satellite fish finder buoys are designed primarily for large purse seine fleets and longline fish fishing vessels, with the aim of improving the efficiency and productivity of fishing operations.
Built-in Skywave’s latest IDP satellite terminal and high-quality fish finder module.
Provide fast, high-volume, low-latency data communications and fish finder data through the maritime satellite network.
This series of buoys is equipped with solar panels, rechargeable gel batteries, temperature sensors, powerful LED flashlights and magnetic switches.
The buoy can be tied to driftwood, any drifting debris and artificial reefs, and provides instant buoy information and fishery information to the working vessel.


  • Instant information: GPS location, flow direction, water temperature and battery level.
  • Through the International Maritime Satellite, the coverage is global.
  • Receive information via SBS-02 or email (FBB, Mini C, etc.).
  • Powerful flash, positioning buoy position  no maintenance, replacement parts and consumables
  • Robust design and long life



Fish exploration frequency

75 KHZ

Communication protocol Inmarsat Isatdata Pro
Power source 6 VDC / Solar rechargeable battery
Buoy outer diameter 380 mm (max) / 200 mm (min)
Buoy height 260 mm
Buoy weight 11.5 kg
Water tightness 1bar (10M)
Temperature resistance -10 oC to +70 oC


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